Easy access to human biological samples and respective detailed clinical information is pivotal to the progress of medical knowledge, contributing to minimize direct and indirect health costs and improve the quality of life.

Biobanco.pt is a national biomedical research infrastructure which aims at promoting national and international collaborative research projects using human samples, and the respective detailed clinical information

Biobanco.pt commits to:

  • Provide access to high quality samples collections and associated data to the scientific community.
  • Provide standardization in all aspects of biobanking activities, high-quality processing and storage facilities
  • Sharing existing equipment resources and expertise and offering services to characterize the existing samples.
  • Assist in the development of the pan-European platform BBMRI, and promote the Portuguese participation in the infrastructure (BBMRI-ERIC.pt).
This national scientific infrastructure will create unique opportunities to integrate national researchers in worldwide consortia including academic or pharmaceutical industry research, acting synergistically for the development of national science and economy.

Biobanco.pt consortium is presently composed by